Shumlin Signs Record Transportation Budget

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The Vermont Agency of Transportation is embarking on a series of highway construction and repair projects that are part of the biggest transportation spending plan in state history.

Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the $658 million transportation bill Wednesday in Richmond in front of the historic Checkered House Bridge on Route 2. The bridge over the Winooski River is being widened to preserve its historic character.

Shumlin said the state is applying the lessons learned from Tropical Storm Irene, such as closing bridges while they are being replaced rather than building expensive temporary spans. Such efforts save time and money.

VTrans Operations Director Scott Rogers said there will be a record number of construction projects. "So we ask that folks please slow down when you approach a work zone, pay attention," Rogers said. "Put down your cell phone. And make the work zone safer for all of us."

Some of the big projects this summer include the completion of the northern leg of the Bennington Bypass and a new truck route around Morrisville. Work will also continue on Route 2 reconstruction in Danville and Route 7 work in Brandon and Pittsford.

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