Salmon deployed to the Middle East

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(Host) Vermont State Auditor Tom Salmon has been called to active duty for up to nine months with the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Salmon says he will leave this weekend for two or three months of training. Then, he’ll be deployed to the Middle East for another six months.

That means Salmon will be gone for November’s election. He says he wants to serve another two-year term.

(Salmon) “A directive from the Pentagon in February 2008 indicates that you cannot manage a campaign, you cannot perform any political activity while on active duty. So, it will be a nonpolitical race from my standpoint.”

(Host) Salmon wrote a letter to Governor Jim Douglas and legislative leaders to tell them his deputy, George Thabault will be in charge during his absence.

Salmon says he’s known for more than a year that he might be deployed, so he’s prepared his staff.

Salmon is a builder second class with the Seabees, which is the builders unit of the Naval Reserve. He says in the past the Seabees have drilled water wells, rebuilt schools and public buildings, and repaired infrastructure.


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