Republican U.S. Senate Debate

Brooke Paige and John MacGovern, Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, debate the issues and State Representative David Deen on what the future holds for a program to re-introduce Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River watershed. 

State Auditor Tom Salmon

State Auditor Tom Salmon discusses some of his ideas for solving the state’s financial challenges, including raising taxes, restructuring state government and expanding gambling in the state.

Sounds of 2008: Tom Salmon

We turn to politics now in "Sounds of 2008,” our review of the year’s news. In June, state Auditor Tom Salmon got called to active duty with the U.S. Naval Reserve and he was deployed to Iraq.

Midday Newscast: June 25, 2008

State officials are unsure why enrollment for Catamount Health is not meeting the legislature’s projections; state GOP leaders say Tom Salmon’s deployment to the Middle East is a legitimate campaign issue this fall;

Salmon deployed to the Middle East

Vermont State Auditor Tom Salmon has been called to active duty for up to nine months with the U.S. Naval Reserve. Salmon says he will leave this weekend for two or three months of training. Then, he’ll be deployed to the Middle East for another six months.

Midday Newscast: April 11, 2008

State Auditor Tom Salmon is announcing at this hour that he wants to keep his job for another two years; tens of thousands of small dead fish are washing up along the shores of Lake Champlain as the weather warms;  more…