Reiber Says Change To Judicial Restructuring Bill Possible

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(Host) Chief Justice Paul Reiber says he’s willing to consider changes to a judicial restructuring bill that the Supreme Court has been pushing.

A proposal to change the duties and number of elected side and probate judges has created controversy at the Statehouse.

Reiber says the Supreme Court is most interested in finding a way to better manage the courts.

(Reiber) "The question of the side judges and the probate judges … is how many of them there are, what their adjudicative powers are. What I’m talking about … are the management functions that they hold that interfere with our ability to make management choices, implement management policy in a way that accomplished something for the betterment of the courts and therefore for the people of the state."

(Host) The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering the bill. The committee plans a public hearing at the Statehouse this afternoon (Wednesday) beginning at 4:30.

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