Concerns Over Court Changes

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Creating one superior court system, combining smaller
courts, cutting probate judges and changing the role of side judges– those are
just some of the major changes included in a bill to overhaul Vermont’s
court system.  The bill is based on the
work done over the last two years by the Commission of Judicial Operation.  We take a closer look at the bill’s progress
in the House, with House Judiciary Chair Representative Bill Lippert, and the committee’s ranking republican, Tom Koch.  Also, we check in with the concerns of
Senator Vince Illuzzi and Probate Judge, Bob Pu. 

Also, we look into the Vermont Department of Corrections’
new victim notification system.  It’s called
the Vermont Automated Notification Service, or VANS, and it alerts individuals
by phone and/or email about any changes in an offender’s status.  VANS has been in operation for about six
months now.  We hear about its progress
with Ashley Fisk, who runs the program.


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