Randolph Receives State Aid To Spur Business, Create Jobs

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(Host) The town of Randolph has accepted a $200,000 state grant that local officials hope will attract business and jobs to the region.

Gary Champy is the Town Manager of Randolph. He says the grant will allow struggling entrepreneurs in the region to receive technical and consulting services.

(Champy) "What it means for the town is local business or people trying to start a business have a place to go for technical assistance at no cost. And if we can get individuals, entrepreneurs to come to the area to actually start their business, then maybe they will look at Randolph, Brookfield, Braintree to keep their business."

(Host) Champy is expecting software, marketing and retail businesses that are having difficulty during this economic downturn to take advantage of the program.

Like many towns across the state, Randolph is not seeing much job growth. Its downtown has several vacancies, and town officials hope this small business grant will help fill them by creating jobs.


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