Progressive Write-Ins To Be Tallied

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The Vermont Secretary of State’s office will certify the results of last week’s primary elections on Tuesday.

Although the results of most races are a foregone conclusion, the outcome of the Progressive gubernatorial race is still in doubt.

Martha Abbot was running unopposed in that race. However supporters of Annette Smith promoted her as a write-in candidate.

A preliminary count of the race results gave Abbott 304 votes with 258 write-in votes. But that did not include votes from all precincts…and it doesn’t say who the write-ins were for.

Smith’s write-in candidacy was pushed by Progressive activists opposed to mountaintop wind power projects and other environmental policies backed by Govermor Peter Shumlin.

Smith is the head of the group Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

Abbot said, if she wins the election, she will withdraw from the race and support Governor Shumlin.

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