Orange County sheriff will create special unit to investigate sex crimes

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(Host) The Orange County sheriff plans to form a special unit to investigate sexual crimes.

Sheriff Bill Bohnyak says he’s heard demands for such a unit from a lot of people in his county. It’s where 12-year-old Brooke Bennett was abducted and killed this summer.

(Bohnyak) “How many more victims do we need? As Reverend Harty told the Bennett family and friends at Brooke’s funeral service: `Never again. Never again.”’

(Host) Bohnyak says he’ll assign one of his department’s deputies to the unit for 20 hours a week.

The deputy will coordinate investigations with the state’s attorney’s office, as well as with two town police departments and the three different state police barracks that serve Orange County.

(Bohnyak) “This unit will proactively investigate sexual assaults and domestic violence. Emphasis will be placed on prevention through education and training, as well as investigation and prosecution. Thus, help prevent potential abuse before it happens.”

(Host) Bohnyak estimates that it will cost $20,000 a year to pay for the part-time investigator in his department. The sheriff’s office will also provide a cruiser and support staff.

Bohnyak will ask the Legislature to help pay for the unit so the investigator can work full time. Bohnyak also wants to raise money through grants.


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