Middlebury College launches $500 million campaign

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(Host) Middlebury College is embarking on a five-year effort to raise $500 million which will help fund the school’s expansion.

Middlebury officials say the campaign will strengthen the school’s ability to educate students with a global perspective.

Mike Schoenfeld is Vice President for College Advancement. He says the campaign fits with the college’s recently adopted strategic plan.

(Schoenfeld) The top two priorities are really about the human dimension at Middlebury. It’s to increase financial aid for students and to increase the size of the faculty by 25 positions and support their work.

(Host) The school has already raised $234 million during the planning stages of the initiative and Schoenfeld says the early support show’s they’re on the right track.

(Schoenfeld) Some of those things that Middlebury’s been doing well for a long time – international studies, languages, the teaching of languages matches up well with things in donor’s lives and top needs in the world.

(Host) The campaign isn’t the largest in the region — Dartmouth College is in the midst of a $1.3 billion capital campaign.


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