Markowitz Wants Savings Plan For Business Start-Ups

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(Host) Secretary of State Deb Markowitz says as governor, she’d create savings accounts that would help entrepreneurs launch businesses.

She modeled her plan after the plan where people can save money toward their child’s college education.

Money could be placed into the account for future business investment. Taxes would be deferred until the money was withdrawn. Under certain circumstances, the money would be exempt from taxes altogether.

Markowitz says the proposal is part of a larger economic development plan.

(Markowitz) "This is the road map for job growth. For jump-starting job growth, creating efficiency in government and keeping Vermont the best place to live, work and raise a family."

(Host) Markowitz also wants to limit state investments in banks that refuse to loan to Vermont businesses.

And she would prohibit students from dropping out of school before they reached the age of 18. It’s currently legal to drop out at age 16.

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