Report Assesses Vermont’s Environmental Health

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We like to think Vermont is "green" but when you look beyond the postcard
image, how is Vermont’s environment really doing? The Agency of
Natural Resources is resuming a tradition of an annual report on the
state’s leading environmental indicators. "Resilience: A Report on the
Health of Vermont’s Environment"
will be released Monday,
and we’ll discuss the finding with ANR Secretary Deb Markowitz and
Commissioner of Environmental Conservation David Mears. Among the topics
we’ll discuss are flood mitigation and prevention,
the impacts of climate change on Vermont, and the condition of our
major waterways and forestlands.

in the program, the legislative task that comes around every ten years:
redistricting. The House and Senate still have compromising to do
before they arrive at a final map of new legislative districts for the
state, but neither of their plans is close to the idea that emerged from
the summer Legislative Apportionment Board hearings. We talk with Tom Little, who
chaired those meetings, about where the process stands now.

And we read from your messages to Vermont Edition.

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