Liberal Super PAC Puts Money Into Treasurer Race

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A liberal super PAC is throwing support and money behind State Treasurer Beth Pearce.

Pearce faces a challenge from Republican Wendy Wilton, who is the Rutland city treasurer.

A Republican affiliated PAC has spent over $200,000 to boost Wilton’s candidacy.

Now Priorities PAC, a liberal political action committee, is spending $15,000 on advertising in support of Pearce.

Todd Bailey is a Montpelier political consultant who advises Priorities Pac. He says the race could be close. And he says a Wilton win could be bad news for the issues that Priorities PAC supports.

"Anyone who holds a statewide office can be a good proponent or opponent to any issue," Bailey says. "And Wendy Wilton has been clear in her opposition to the governor’s health care plan, which is something that the Vermont Priorities board supports. With Wendy Wilton in that position she could be viable opposition to a priority for this organization.

Bailey says Priorities PAC raised money for the Pearce ad campaign from people across the political spectrum. He says that’s a tribute to the wide, non-partisan support that Pearce enjoys.




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