Debate: State Treasurer Candidates

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When Governor Peter Shumlin named  Jeb Spaulding as his Secretary of Administration, Beth Pearce was elevated to fill his position as Treasurer. She now faces challengers Republican Wendy Wilton and Progressive Don Schramm, in what has been the most contentious race of  this election cycle.

Bob Kinzel hosts a debate of the three major party candidates as they outline their qualifications for the position.

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Bob Kinzel’s questions to the candidates: 

Question for Pearce – Explain office overtime use and payment.

Question for Wilton – US PIRG rating of her ad.

Question for Schramm – Impact State Bank would have on bond rating. 

Question for Wilton – Vermont Municipal Bond Bank placing Rutland on watch list. 

Question for Schramm – Issuing bonds to pay for State Office Complex. 

Question for Pearce – Stability of state pension fund. 


Candidate Questions to each other: 

Wilton asks Pearce to explain overtime expenses on pension fund work. 

Pearce asks Wilton why she’s running from her record. 

Schramm asks Pearce how she’d research State Bank idea. 

Pearce asks Wilton about VPRG rating for Rutland. 

Schramm asks Wilton her opinion on state health care plan. 

Wilton asks Pearce how she can take credit for state’s bond rating. 


Listener questions to the candidates: 

Listener asks all three opinion on PAC money in Vermont elections. 

Listener asks all three to explain role in informing Vermonters on single-payer health care system. 


Closing questions:

Why do you think you’re the best person to be Vermont’s next Treasurer?

What if the legislature needs to decide the outcome of the race? 

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