Killington Turns To Private Company For Marketing

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A mountain resort town in southern Vermont is looking to outside help for marketing itself.

After a mild and nearly snowless ski season, town officials in Killington are considering alternative models around the country, and they’re consulting with a private company to boost economic development.

"In this game of trying to grow your market, we all want to take the ball and run across the finish line," says Christopher Karr, President of Killington’s Chamber of Commerce. "But we really need someone to help map us out so that we’re not duplicating efforts and at the same time missing opportunities."

Karr says an outside source looking at the town can help officials better orchestrate themselves. 

Last year, Killington’s select board hired a marketing specialist to help it manage Vermont’s only municipally-owned golf course, which is $5 million in debt.

Killington’s Select Board says it is now consulting with a representative from a strategic marketing group based in Lake Tahoe which has experience working with communities to create destination marketing.

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