Killington Turns To Private Company For Marketing

After a mild and nearly snowless ski season, town officials in Killington are considering alternative models around the country, and they’re consulting with a private company to boost economic development.

West Windsor Concerned For Mount Ascutney’s Future

A drawn-out legal battle over the Mount Ascutney ski area meant the southern Vermont resort didn’t open this year. That’s made a tough economy tougher in West Windsor, where the mountain is located. And reports that the resort’s former creditors are selling off equipment has residents worried about the mountain’s long-term fate.

Burke Mountain To Offer Downhill Biking

Here’s another example of the state’s winter resorts branching out into four-season recreation: Burke Mountain Ski Area in northeastern Vermont soon will be offering lift rides up the mountain to mountain bikers, and opening a new downhill bike park.

Financial Problems Plague Ascutney

Financial troubles have led to foreclosures and a change in ownership at Ascutney Mountain Resort. But the ski area’s future is still unclear – and so is that of a couple hundred homeowners who depend on the mountain for sewer and water service.