Johnson Works To Recover From Flood

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The evidence of flooding on Lake Champlain is unmistakable to the tens of thousands of people who live around the lake. But the residents of Johnson in Lamoille County have been dealing with their own flood cleanup, too.

The Lamoille River flooded in the early hours of April 27, inundating the town of Johnson. The wastewater treatment plant bore the brunt of the damage, and town employees had to do the risky and filthy work of keeping the wastewater plant online while raw sewage rained down upon them. Despite their efforts, partially treated sewage reached the river.

The plant, and the town generally, are still working to recover from the flood. Tuesday afternoon, VPR’s Jane Lindholm toured the wastewater plant in Johnson and met with two of the men who handled that emergency: municipal manager Duncan Hastings, and Public Works Superintendent Steve Towne.

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