Interview: VTC students learn about coffee production

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The morning cup of coffee: millions drink it, but how many of us think about where our coffee comes from, or how difficult it is for those who grow the beans to make a living at it?

A group of students from Vermont Technical College recently found out. They returned from Costa Rica, visiting as part of a citizen science team who worked with six coffee farmers there, trying to form a cooperative to sell organic coffee. They were taking part in a program through the Earthwatch Institute in Boston, with the support of a private donor.

Lauri Sybel is director of Career Development at Vermont Technical College. She came up with the idea for the trip while trying to find internships for students. She joined us with Matt Lombard, a student spent time on the Costa Rican farm.

Sybel says the work the students did was hands-on.

Click listen to hear the entire interview.

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