IBM Renames Campus To Reflect Changing Use Of Property

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(Host) One of Vermont’s largest employers has renamed its 725-acre campus to better reflect what happens there. IBM’s site will now be known as "The Champlain Valley Technology and Innovation Park."

IBM Communications Director Jeff Couture says the company hopes the name change will help attract new businesses to lease some available space:

(Couture) "The name is changing to reflect the expanding role of activity that’s going on at the IBM campus that’s located both in Essex Junction and Williston. It corresponds with the relocation of the General Dynamics Technology Center from Burlington and also reflects the fact that we have a few other tenants and are looking to have other tenants come into the facility."

(Host) Couture says the "technology and innovation" part of the name switch is designed to attract a diverse range of tech-oriented companies, such as ASK IntTag. That company leased space last year on the IBM campus to manufacture secure identification cards:

(Couture) "It’s like a mall-you have a huge tenant-a Macy’s, you have a Sears or something that is the main tenant. But then there’s an opportunity to bring in other businesses around that."

(Host) IBM no longer releases how many people work at its individual factories, but several thousand are thought to work in Vermont.

IBM designs and manufactures custom microchips for a wide variety of products and networks at its Vermont plant.

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