Power Provider, IBM To Expand And Enhance Smart Grid

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(Host) The Vermont company that runs much of the electric distribution system in the state is joining with IBM to build a fiber optic control system designed to make the system more efficient and reliable.

The Vermont Electric Power Company and IBM announced an agreement today to build what’s called an intelligent fiber optic communications and control network across the state.

The system will span more than 1,000 miles and connect transmission substations to Vermont’s distribution utilities.

Jeff Couture is a spokesperson for IBM.  

He says that as a component of Vermont’s smart grid, the system will provide the communications capability to relay information back to the utilities about usage, power outages and equipment performance.

(Couture)  "For consumers, that means with smart meters, it will allow us to have better management and monitoring of our own electricity system, but more important for those of us that want the lights and the power to stay on and to make sure that it remains on, this network will help with that."  

(Host) Couture says the system will also help in managing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, as well as new applications such as electric cars. 

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