Humane Society Reaches Out To Flood Victims With Pets

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(Host) As people struggle to get back on their feet following Tropical Storm Irene, resources have become available for helping them take care of their pets.

The Central Vermont Humane Society has become a command center for food and supply distribution to areas that were cut off following the Storm.

Anne Ward is director of Operations at the Humane Society. 

Ward says supplies have been delivered via helicopter dropoffs, and through volunteer efforts.

She says donations to the organization have been strong.

But she says now it’s important to get the word out that resources are available. 

(Ward) "If folks call us we can take in animals for a period of time for boarding, we can provide food, we can provide really some of the supplies that are just essential to day-to-day handling of their animals." 

(Host) Ward says that the Central Vermont Humane Society is coordinating with other organizations around the state.



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