Heavy Rains Cause Widespread Damage

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(Host) Torrential overnight rains caused flash flooding that nearly cut off access to Montpelier and Barre. As VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports, damage has been widespread.

(Sneyd) Rain overwhelmed small streams and dumped into the Winooski River and other streams that flow through downtown Montpelier and neighboring Barre.

The incredible amounts of water also inundated the rivers.

Greg Hanson of the National Weather Service says he’s confirmed at least 5.22 inches fell in just a few hours in one spot.

(Hanson) "Anywhere from four to five inches and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were six or seven inch amounts in there."

(Sneyd) Rivers flowed through downtown streets. Homes, businesses and cars were swamped and state offices were closed.

Hanson says a cold front stretched from Waterbury to St. Johnsbury, roughly along Route 2.

(Hanson) "The thunderstorms rode along that cold front and just repeatedly hit those same areas with rain over and over and over."

(Sneyd) The rainwater is expected to raise the level of Lake Champlain again.

For VPR News, I’m Ross Sneyd



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