Health Officials Say Flu Now Widespread

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(Host) A lot more Vermonters are coming down with the flu. The Vermont Health Department says a flu outbreak is now widespread across the state. 

The health department says the three strains of the flu that have been detected across the country have also been found in Vermont.

Patsy Kelso is State Epidemiologist. Kelso says the flu virus is expected to be here until April, and she is urging all Vermonters six months of age and older to get vaccinated. 

(Kelso) "Vermonters should know it’s not to late get vaccinated against the flu this year.  Even if you got a vaccine last year, you should get vaccinated again because they change the vaccine each year." 

(Host) Kelso also has some practical advice for those fighting the flu.   

(Kelso)  "We always want to remind people to stay home when they’re sick so they don’t spread illness to others".

(Host) Health officials say there is plenty of vaccine available and a single dose of vaccine will protect against all three forms of the virus.   

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