Galbraith says he’s seriously considering gubernatorial race

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(Host) Peter Galbraith, a former chairman of the Vermont Democratic Party, says he’s still seriously thinking about getting into the race for governor.

But as VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports, the former ambassador isn’t giving any signs when he’ll make up his mind.

(Sneyd) When Galbraith talks Vermont politics, he sure sounds like a candidate.

Appearing on VPR’s Vermont Edition, he discusses the pressures facing taxpayers, the need for comprehensive health care reform and the challenges posed by environmental change.

(Galbraith) “These are things that I will talk about. I’m going around the state talking to people and would talk about if I were a candidate.”

(Sneyd) He’s thinking, he says, and thinking seriously about a race. But he hasn’t decided.

There are already two candidates in the race. Republican Governor Jim Douglas is gearing up to run for a fourth term.

And Progressive Anthony Pollina is already running, aiming to be the coalition candidate of the Vermont left.

Galbraith says Pollina’s candidacy wouldn’t be enough to keep him out of the race.

(Galbraith) “My decision doesn’t depend on what Anthony Pollina does. And I’m going to come forward, if I were to run, with a set of issues. …The governor, Jim Douglas, has spoken about affordability but it’s a little unclear where that affordability has come. Certainly not in health care. Certainly not in property taxes.”

(Sneyd) Galbraith’s name is not a household word in Vermont. He headed the state Democratic Party, but that was 30 years ago.

He’s better known internationally because he spent most of his career in the foreign service. Under President Clinton, Galbraith was ambassador to Croatia.

He helped negotiate an end to the war in the Balkans then. And -again looking toward a possible Vermont race – he says the experience would serve him well as governor.

His administration, he says, would be results-oriented.

For VPR News, I’m Ross Sneyd.

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