Forest Service releases plan for White River Valley

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The U.S. Forest Service has improvement plans for some of its land in five towns in the White River Valley.

The goal is to improve wildlife habitat, and networks of hiking trails and roads in the area of the Green Mountain National Forest known as the Upper White River Area.

The forest supervisor’s office wants to get the reaction of the public to the plans. People have until the end of May to offer their reactions.

The work is slated for land in Granville, Hancock, Ripton, Rochester and Braintree.

Two-thirds of the 36,000 acres that is part of the improvement plan is part of the Green Mountain National Forest. Most of the rest is privately owned, although the state owns some of the land in the Granville Gulf.

Some of the proposal calls for logging.

More information on the project is available from the Forest Service office in Rochester. The public can also register comments on the plans at that office.

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