Flood Clean-up Continues, FEMA To Assess Damage

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(Host) Communities across northern Vermont continue to clean up from flash floods that swept the state this week.

Lamoille County was among the hardest hit areas. In Johnson, the village sewage treatment plant was flooded. That caused only partially treated sewage to be released into the Lamoille River.

Governor Peter Shumlin toured the region and met with Johnson municipal manager Duncan Hastings.

(Shumlin) "FEMA’s going to come in tomorrow, I guess. We’re watching the weather very closely. We’re really concerned in terms of what’s going to happen tomorrow afternoon. Obviously if we get federal help, it’ll be a big help."

(Hastings) "It’ll be a big help. We’re going to have fairly significant monetary losses here in dealing with this plant and we’ve got pretty serious issues on highways still, some of them are gone."

(Host) FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It helps pay for repairs if damages are more than $1 million.

State and federal officials haven’t been able to tally the total, yet.

More storms are expected in the region again today.

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