Farm Damage Reports Still Coming In

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(Host) Vermont’s farmers are among those devastated by flooding from Tropical Storm Irene. 

Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross says damage reports are still coming in.

(Ross)  "We’ve got thousands of acres of corn that have been underwater, and some have been lodged and knocked over, hundreds of acres of soybeans, millions of dollars of vegetables that have been destroyed by the flood."

(Host) Ross says many buildings have been destroyed, and dairy farmers have lost milk and some of their herds. 

He says it’s too soon to be able to put a price tag on the losses. 

(Ross)  "I think what I can say now is we’re in the multiple millions and counting up.  We’re not going to be going in the other direction."

(Host) Ross says there is help available to farmers from a number of federal and state agencies.

And Ross wants farmers to know that they may qualify for help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  

(Ross)  FEMA is designed to help individuals, and their residences.  Farmers are individuals, and they have residences.  So if your home has been damaged, or the infrastructure associated with your home has been damaged, you should call FEMA too to see if you too can qualify for some help there. 

(Host)  You’ll find a list of resources available to farmers, and listen to the entire interview with Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross here.

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