Energy Group Highlights Money-Saving Designs, Innovations

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(Host) Efficiency Vermont is holding their 14th annual Better Buildings By Design Conference this week in Burlington.

The two-day conference offers information about the latest technical innovations and best practices in energy-efficient construction and design. 

Jim Merriam is executive director of Efficiency Vermont.   

He says that innovations in efficiency could save Vermonters a significant amount of money that’s currently being spent on out-of-state fuel services.  

(Merriam) "The Department of Public Service did a study that said Vermonters could save $486 million over the next ten years if we just moved forward with efficiency measures in our homes and our businesses."  

(Host) Merriam says that this year’s conference has attracted over 1000 attendees.

Wednesday’s keynote speaker addressed how realtors can play a role in transforming the market for energy-efficient design, construction and sales. 




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