Dubie doesn’t expect large Guard deployments for years

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(Host) Vermont Adjutant General Michael Dubie says several hundred air National Guard members are preparing for a four month deployment in Iraq this summer.

They’ll join about 120 army guard members currently in Iraq.

But speaking today on VPR’s Vermont Edition, Dubie says he doesn’t expect any large guard deployments for several years.

(Dubie) “There’s supposed to be five years off, that’s the goal between major deployments. Now, I caveat that with in case there’s some type of large emergency, then all bets are off.”

(Zind) Dubie says the guard is largely in a post-war phase: – working with soldiers who are experiencing post combat stress.

He says the guard is also experiencing a shortage of equipment because trucks, earthmoving vehicles and other gear were left in Iraq.

Dubie says the shortage isn’t endangering the guard’s mission in Vermont.

(Dubie) “The answer is, yes, we do have less equipment, but I think the more apropos question would be, is there any equipment that we’re missing that we would need in an emergency?’ And I would say that we’ve done a thorough evaluation on the equipment that we do have on hand. We’re feeling confident that we won’t have national security or emergencies that we could not respond to.”

(Host) Dubie says Vermont’s congressional delegation is working to replace the equipment.

The Adjutant General also says he expects the guard to meet this year’s recruitment goals, after falling short last year. He says there are indications March was the best recruiting month in five years for the Vermont Guard.

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