Defense Contractors Get Boost From Feds

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(Host) Three Vermont defense contractors say new federal money will help them retain workers – and possibly hire some new staff.

Senator Patrick Leahy says he helped get eight-point-four million dollars in contracts for the companies.

(Leahy) "I see three Vermont companies together employ more than 90 people preparing to hire more. Everybody knows it’s small businesses that create jobs, whether in Vermont or throughout this country. When small businesses like this increase their hiring and increase their workforce the whole country is affected by it."

(Host) The money will go to two companies in Milton and one in Georgia.

Omni Medical Systems has developed a bladder refuse system for pilots.

Liquid Measurement Systems will work on a crashworthy fuel gauging systems for Blackhawk fuel tanks.

And Ascension Technology will receive a contract to develop new helmets for pilots. The helmets use optical tracking technology to assist pilots in flight.

Ascension’s president Ernie Blood says the contract will help his company keep a steady workforce.

(Blood) "It has kept us a stable workforce during this big economic downtown where funding that Senator Leahy has gotten us has enabled us to continue doing these great things."

(Host) Ascension currently employs 38 people at its Milton site.

Liquid Measurement Systems in Georgia says it plans to hire two more people in the coming year to work on the new contract.

Omni Medical Systems says it will increase its Milton work force by five to ten people.



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