Bill Would Restrict Flame Retardants

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A Vermont Senate committee is considering a bill that would restrict a range of flame retardants in commercial products.

Chittenden Senator Ginny Lyons is the lead sponsor of the bill. She says it would ban the sale of children’s products and furniture containing Chlorinated Tris and other chemicals proven to be toxic.

"The chemicals that we’re banning are chemicals that are ineffective as flame retardants but have significant health consequences," Lyons said. 

Vermont has a history of monitoring consumer products and toxic chemicals.

In 2009, the Legislature banned Deca flame retardants.

The state has also prohibited the use of BPA and worked to maintain standards on lead and mercury.

Senator Lyons sees this measure as a continuation of those interests.

"It’s an ongoing concern in our state and we just want to make sure that the public health and welfare is protected as much as possible," Lyons said. 

Several states have passed similar measures, including Maryland, New York and Oregon.

The Professional Firefighters of Vermont and the Vermont Public Interest Research Group support the bill.

Some retailers have raised concerns that the ban is too broad and would hurt sales. Others say it would go into effect before they could comply.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee is scheduled to take up the bill again next week.

You can read the bill here.

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