Bats in the State House belfry

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(Host) The Governor’s State of State Address has its share of pomp and pageantry. The hall is packed with dignitaries, including members of the state Supreme Court, and the governor’s cabinet.

But lawmakers and lobbyists aren’t the only creatures that like to roost under the Golden Dome. Bats sometimes hide out in the Statehouse rafters. And yesterday, one of the small flying mammals made an unexpected appearance.

Alan Bean from the Department of Buildings and General Services was called into action. He used a long ladder, and what looked like a pair of oversized tweezers to handle the removal operation.

(Bean) "Yeah, I caught him. He’s not very happy with me, but he’s got to go somewhere else…We will set him free, so he can probably come back again. They like to. We get them quite frequently. We’re always trapping or grabbing them. That’s what these are for. But he was a little to tight to get this in. Normally we don’t have to use the extension. But with today’s event, they wanted him gone."

(Host) The bat seemed irritated, but in good shape. No word on any Count Dracula sightings in Montpelier.


AP Photo/Toby Talbot: Maintenance workers at the State House change light bulbs in preparation for the opening of the Legislature.

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