The April Snowstorm

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VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb was scrounging around today trying to come up with a name for the late-season snowstorm that blanketed much of the region. So he asked listeners to offer some thoughts.

We’d love to hear what you’re calling the storm. Send your suggestions and your photos to us at or post to VPR’s Facebook page.

We’ve received dozens of listener comments on the VPR Facebook Wall; here’s a sampling of what listeners have suggested so far.

I suggest naming this storm, "The Hot April Snowstorm," since this April is also remembered for record 80-degree temperatures (and it will warm again on Friday). Full disclosure: we have no accumulation in Westminster, but the falling snow is pretty.
— From Dan in Westminster

I suggest "The Eyjafjallajokull Snowstorm". While the snowstorm has little to do with the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland –other than they occurred within a week of each other, and each made traveling difficult in its own way– I just think it would be fun to say.
— Nichael in Guilford.

How ’bout the "daffodil storm"? Most daffodils are blooming and this snow has squashed them.
— Allen in New Haven

An April blizzard counterattacks the green blush
infiltrating meadow’s winter dun;
smothering Frost’s spring-gold warmth
with a drifting shroud.
An assassin out of season,
it can only guard its northward retreat
from Earth’s current champion.
Stoic trees glow a patient verdigris patina:
their twigs shivering with rosy excitement,
ready to unfurl new victory flags
despite this desperate act of Winter.
The old trunks are unmoved
by the icy rowdies and
calmly wait for honest zephyrs
to melt the malingering horde
back to its frozen kingdom.

Peter Szymkowicz,
April 27, 2010

We know about the
Sugar snow
and the
Robin Snow

Can we consider naming this one the
"Snow-Bird-Gotcha" Snow?

— Dawn in South Burlington

My suggestion:
Pink Moon Storm
— Sara in Ryegate

Snow White and the Seven Drifts
— Elliott in Lincoln

I think this storm should be called the "Maypril Fools Storm".
– Meghan in Williston – with 11 inches of snow at 8:30 a.m.

Not exactly a name for the storm, but perhaps a motto to keep flatlanders at bay:

"Vermont, where winter is the gift that keeps on giving."

–Rick in Montpelier

How about Norapril?

— Pat

I think you should call the storm "the April Awful."

— Randy, Manchester Center.

Has someone already suggested "the blossom blizzard?"

— Christina, Cornwall.

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