Voices In The Week’s News: April 30, 2010

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Vermont decided not to apply for "Race to the Top" funds, a wind farm plan for Ira was tabled, the Senate Judiciary committee moved forward on a restructuring bill, the Feds threatened to seize some Morse’s Line farm land and (believe it or not) weather was a hot topic of discussion.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Vermont Won’t Apply For "Race To The Top" Funds (4/27)

(Vermont Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca) "This program would require Vermont to make some fundamental changes to our statutes and laws which we right now would probably not be able to accomplish, particularly around charter schools."

Plan For Ira Wind Farm Is Tabled (4/27)

(Jackie Parker, Ira)  "There’s a lot of us who are  in favor of wind and solar and a lot of kinds of alternative energy when they’re done appropriately. But you’re talking about an industrial scale wind farm."

Judiciary Restructuring Vote Likely To Set Up Debate (4/29)

(Senate Judiciary chairman Dick Sears)  "Those goals included maintaining the present system as well as possibly saving money within the system, expanding access to justice to Vermonters and eliminating the closing of the courts."

Feds Threaten To Seize Land For Border Crossing (4/26)

(Craig Rainville) "So we’re looking at putting in a stormwater pond, a traffic turnaround, covered parking, three designated traffic lanes, two-stages of radiation detectors, a two story building with a fitness center on the second floor. And room for a helicopter to land out front if it need be. It all strikes me as a little much for Morse’s Line."

April Storm Sets Some Records (4/28)

(National Weather Service meteorologist Jessica Nieles)  "At the end of April to have almost our whole forecast area have a significant snowfall event, it’s pretty unusual." "It’ll be gone fast. We’ve got temperatures tomorrow should be in the lower 50s and then on Friday mid 60s. Saturday probably mid 70s. So it’s not going to last."

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