A Foodie’s Guide

Commentator Mary Barrosse Schwartz is a policy and communications consultant. She’s also a part time farmer, who says that "doing it yourself" can be well worth the effort when it comes to producing many foods.

Grow local

Taking a temporary localvore pledge wasn’t enough for the family of commentator Mary Barrosse Schwartz. Their commitment to localism has inspired an updated version of the family farm.

Creative Health Care Thinking

This week, VPR commentators are taking a Hands-on Health Care approach to considering what it may take to cure Vermont’s Health Care ills. Today, commentator Mary Barrosse Schwartz admits that she isn’t completely convinced by either of the two competing Health Care recovery plans currently being debated in Montpelier – but she thinks that both proposals reflect some creative thinking.

Swim Team

Commentator Mary Barrosse Schwartz has been researching the effects of positive peer influences on middle aged people. Most of what she has found though, documents the effects of peer influence during the teen years – and most of that is negative.

Personal Trainer

Whether it’s at the Olympics or the local gym, atheletes benefit from motivational support. Commentator Mary Barrosse Schwartz thinks that having a personal coach might be helpful in other aspects of life as well.

Love and Life

There is a factor in healthy aging that is important, but seldom discussed. Commentator Mary Barrosse Schwartz says that it can significantly increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke.