Wikipedia and Academia

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Students have often been admonished for citing Wikipedia, the online crowd-sourced encyclopedia, in their term papers. But these days,
some college professors are actually publishing their own data and research directly
to Wikipedia. Others are using Wikipedia in their classrooms.

We’ll explore how our
perceptions and use of Wikipedia are changing with John Burke, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at the University
of Vermont, and Alison Byerly, professor of English literature at Middlebury College.

Also on the program, cases of canine influenza have been confirmed in Vermont dogs this year.
It’s similar to kennel cough, but can be much more serious for the
dogs, who have no immunity to this new virus. It’s now spreading like
wildfire in doggy daycares, boarding facilities, and dog shows. Vermont vets want dog owners to be aware of the illness and consider
getting their pets vaccinated. We speak with Dr. Millie Armstrong of
Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic
in Colchester to get more information on
the illness and the vaccine.


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