What’s The Difference Between Male And Female Brains?

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Pop culture and personal experiences give us plenty of
reasons to believe that men and women think differently.  But what does
the science say about gender, sex and brain chemistry?  Dr. Cindy Forehand, a UVM professor of
anatomy and neurobiology discusses the differences between male and female brains. Listen 

Also, we look into the shifting role of the Vermont National
Guard.  Not long ago the public’s
awareness of the Guard didn’t go much beyond the sight of them driving military
vehicles up and down the interstate on weekends.  The deployment of 1500 guard members to Afghanistan
has changed that.  VPR’s Steve Zind looks
into how this change affects soldiers, their families, and the public’s
perceptions. Listen

And, VPR’s Ric Cengeri drops in on snocross: a snowmobile
competition where six to eight riders test their abilities against a course
filled with jumps and turns. Rock Maple Racing is hosting a snocross
competition this weekend in Barton at the Orleans County Fairgrounds. Listen



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