Vermont’s Chief Medical Examiner

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We talk with Vermont Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Steven Shapiro. Every year his office conducts more than 400 autopsies and documents the causes of many of the roughly 5,000 deaths in Vermont.  It’s also his job to collect evidence from the bodies of victims of violent crimes and work with the state’s forensics lab, which analyzes it.  Often, that involves offering court testimony about the evidence.  Listen

Also, a decision by developers to shelve a large wind project in Ira – and news that a  major wind project near Cape Cod will move ahead – has renewed criticism of the way Vermont is handling applications for wind development.  We talk with VPR’s John Dillon about those complaints, where Vermont stands in relation to other northeastern states, and what policy changes might be in the offing. Listen

And VPR’s Susan Keese reports on how friends are remembering Jessica Bolognani, a former Twin Valley High School student who died this year in a snowmobile accident. The talented 18 year-old loved to dress up.  Listen



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