Vermont Summer Olympians

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The athletes competing in the Olympic Games arrived in Beijing with years of training behind them, and it all comes down to their performance in this one unique events in sports. For most of us watching, we can only imagine the determination, focus and emotions of the athletes in competition. But for several Vermonters, Olympic-level competition isn’t just a day-dream or a vicarious experience. We talk with Summer Olympians Judy Geer and Serena Eddy Moulton, who both competed in rowing in the 1980s. We’ll hear about what it’s like to train for and compete in the Olympics, and how athletics have shaped their lives since. (Listen)


Also in the program, what are your pets worth to you? Next session, the Vermont Supreme court will hear a case about whether or not pet owners can collect non-economic damages when their animal dies from negligence. The original case began in 2002, when Vermont residents Robert and Susan Goodby lost their two cats because of a toxic medication. Veterinarians say they will face an undue burden if pet owners can sue them for their emotional loss when an animal dies. (Listen)


And we listen to an excerpt of The Opera Company of Middlebury’s production of "La Boheme." The production runs August 18-24 at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. (Listen)

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