The War Of 1812: Views From Both Sides Of The Border

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Was the War of 1812 America’s
second Revolutionary War? Or was it nothing more than an unadulterated invasion
of Canada by
the United States
looking to annex our northern neighbors?

Historian and author Kenneth Davis and McGill University
History Professor Allan Greer provide two perspectives as we celebrate the 200th
anniversary of the war. Keith Herkalo, author of "The Battles at Plattsburgh:
September 11, 1814,"
provides details of the important local battles fought in our area.

Also on the program, Circus Smirkus is about the begin its
25th year of touring in July. The anniversary is being commemorated
in a new book, Circus Smirkus:
Twenty-five Years of Running Away to the Circus
. Sirkus founder Rob Mermin
and the book’s co-author Rob Gurwitt share tales from a quarter-century of
entertaining under the big top.

Plus, we continue our Summer School series by learning how
to really play croquet.

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