Single Dads, Teenage Daughters: A Survival Guide

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Navigating a teenage girl’s
experiences and emotions can be tough on parents, and sometimes overwhelming
for single fathers. There are cliques and crushes, dating, puberty, hormones
and eating disorders to contend with. We talk to the authors of a new book written
to help single dads navigate all of this: "But Dad! A Survival Guide For Single
Fathers Of Tween And Teen Daughters." Gretchen Gross is a licensed clinical
social worker and adjunct professor at UVM, and Pat Livingston is a retired
nurse practitioner who worked for over 20 years at the women’s health clinic at

Also on the program, on the tenth anniversary of the
Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive, we talk with its founders, Alex Hartov and
Lewis Glinert, about the treasure trove of music, comedy and spoken word
recordings collected at Dartmouth College.

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