Sharing The Road

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As the weather turns warmer, bicyclists and pedestrians take
to the roadways.  But, navigating the
streets with motorists can be a challenge. 
A "Safe Passing" bill making its way through the legislature works to
outline the responsibilities of bicyclists and motorists who share the
road.  We take a look at the specific
laws that exist for bicyclists, walkers and drivers, and talk about common
mistakes made on the roads. 

Our guests
include Jason VanDriesche, the Education and Safety manager of Local Motion, and Bruce
Lierman, a board member of the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition.  And, we hear from Brattleboro representative Mollie Burke, who is one of the sponsors of the "Safe Passing Bill." Listen

Also in the program, Jane Lindholm sits down with Burlington
writer Creston Lea to discus his debut collection of short stories, "Wild
Punch."  Lea is known to musicians as a guitar maker, but says he’s
always intended to pursue an additional profession: writing. Listen

There will be a book release party/book signing for "Wild Punch" at
Penny Cluse Café in Burlington, April 2nd, 6-8pm.  Free and open to the


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