Prosecuting Sex Offenders

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According to the Vermont Department of Public Safety, 90% of sex offenses against children are committed by
someone known to the victim. And,
prosecutors say that’s one of the reasons sex offender cases can be notoriously
difficult to prosecute. We talk with two
state’s attorneys in Vermont
about the challenges they face in the courtroom, how "Jessica’s Law" would
impact them, and why a majority of cases never go to trial. Our guests include Washington
County State’s
Attorney Tom Kelly, and Addison County
State’s Attorney John Quinn. (Listen)


Also, the state of Vermont’s plans to clean up more than a
dozen streams fouled by stormwater runoff are taking longer than some expected,
and critics warn that costs will rise the longer it takes. We talk with Burlington Free Press reporter
Candace Page about the state’s progress. (Listen)

And, on the day of Elton John’s first concert in Vermont,
we talk with one St. Albans woman who has been waiting a
lifetime for the singer to perform in her home state. (Listen)

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