Migrant Workers Argue For Driving Privileges

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People who are in Vermont illegally may soon be able to get a legal driver’s license. Supporters say it provides a level of freedom and safety for people who are isolated on the farms where they work. Tuesday on Vermont Edition, we examining the question with Natalia Fajardo, an organizer with Migrant Justice, who explains the quality of life issues that would improve for migrant workers if they had driver’s licenses. Then we talk with Democratic Sen. Philip Baruth, a strong supporter of the Senate bill that has nearly unanimous support, and with Republican Rep. Don Turner, whose caucus has concerns about the bill that goes next to the House.

Also in the program, an update on White Nose Syndrome. The affliction has been decimating bat populations in our region. We learn about the results of an experiment this winter to help preserve the health of bats from wildlife biologist Scott Darling.

And we continue our week-long appreciation of traditional arts and crafts with a look at women who are working in the trade of stone cutting.

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