Joe Citro: The Vermont Monster Guide

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We all know about Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster, but have you heard of the Pigman of Northfield?  Or the creepy creature in Richford simply known as "The Awful"? They’re among the home-grown beasts that have struck fear into Vermonters’ hearts over the years and they’re catalogued in Joe Citro’s most recent book "The Vermont Monster Guide".  We’ll talk with Joe about the facts and fiction behind the state’s most frightening residents.  Tell us your monster stories by emailing us at

Joe Citro will speak Thursday evening at 7 at the meeting house in Colchester and Saturday, October 31 at the library in East Corinth at 7:45.

We’ll also check in on preparations underway for Williston’s Haunted Forest, which combines elaborate Halloween sets and scary theatrical performances. 

And a visit to a cave in Stockbridge, where scientists are hoping an experiment they’re conducting there will provide insight into White Nose Syndrome, the disease that’s decimating bats in the Northeast. 



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