It’s All About Roasting

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There’s a lot more to roasting than popping meat and vegetables into a blazing oven. Done right, roasting can produced a juicy, well-seared rack of lamb or crispy, caramelized broccoli.

James Beard Award winning cookbook author and Vermonter Molly Stevens just published "All About Roasting." She shares the secrets of roasting right, from grapes to a pork picnic shoulder. And she discusses when to use high, moderate or low heat to bring out the best in your food.

Also on the program, when the expansion Montreal Expos started in 1969, he was their first superstar. Now, former outfielder Rusty Staub has been voted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. We hear about those early playing days in Montreal and the work he did in restaurant and charity work in the years since then.

Plus, as winter wanes, gardeners turn their attention to ordering seeds. We get a tour of High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott with owner Tom Stearns and seed lab technician Jeremy Weiss. 


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with capers and lemony browned butter (pdf 28kb)

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