Inside Pakistan’s Madrassahs

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Islamic education in Pakistan’s madrassahs has been a growing concern among those who fear these schools are turning out radicalized students and recruits for terrorist organizations. 

We talk with University of Vermont Professor Saleem Ali.  His book "Islam And Education:  Conflict And Conformity In Pakistan’s Madrassahs" is a comprehensive study of these institutions and their teachings.  Ali’s premise is that instead of cracking down on and marginalizing these schools, the government should engage them.  Listen

If you have comments about Islamic education and the role of madrassahs in countries like Pakistan, post them below in our discussion forum.  Or send an email

Plus, Putney School graduate and co-founder of the Mali Health Organizing Project Caitlin Cohen speaks with us about her NGO.  Cohen raised money to build a clinic to provide slum dwellers in the West African nation with adequate health care. Her organization has grown to include other services for the poor, from microloans to radio programs. Listen

And we sit in on a "Laugh In" yoga class in Burlington where people get
together just to laugh.  Listen


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