How much sugar is too much?

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It’s in a can of soda, a cup of yogurt, or a bite of granola
bar and it even shows up in salad dressing or a squirt of ketchup.  We’re talking about artificially added
sugar.  And Americans are consuming way
too much of it.  We talk with UVM
nutritionist Rachel Johnson.  She worked
with the American Heart Association to write a position statement that says we
need to cut back on our intake of added sugars. 
We should aim for 6-9 teaspoons a day, instead of our average 22.  We look into why we’re so far off base, and
why our culture has become so obsessed with nutritional studies, and quick
fixes. Listen

Also, we talk with the administrator of state historic
sites, John Dumville, about the Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth Notch.  Earlier this month construction began on a
new visitor’s center meant to give more people, particularly schoolchildren,
access to the personal papers and effects of the Coolidge family.Listen

And, we dig into our mailbag and read from your emails.

Photo credit:  AP/Larry Crowe


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