How accessible is Vermont?

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Sit-skiing, hand-cycling, and
adaptive sailing- the state is teeming with opportunities for disabled
Vermonters to stay active and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.  But just how accessible is the state on a
day-to-day basis?  Say, at the grocery
store, or town hall?  We explore the
challenges faced by and opportunities offered to disabled Vermonters.  Our guests include Sarah Launderville of the Vermont Center for Independent Living, and Patrick Standen, the
director of the Northeast Disabled Athletes Association.Listen  

Also in the program, 100 miles on Route 100. 
This weekend, teams of six runners will compete in the annual "100 on 100" relay race, from
Stowe to Okemo. Race organizer Scott O’Neil explains the lure of long distance running and team camaraderie. Listen

And while tempers have been flaring over health care at town hall
meetings in some congressional districts, one Vermont commentator says
the term ‘town meeting’ is being co-opted for political gain. Susan
Clark, a town meeting moderator and co-author of a book on the subject,
defends /real /town meetings in the face of all that shouting. Listen



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