HIV and AIDS in Vermont

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Across the globe, December 1 is a day spent raising awareness about HIV and AIDS, and continuing the effort to prevent and treat the disease. On this World AIDS Day, Vermont Edition looks at progress our region has made in HIV testing, and the connection between AIDS and poverty. We’ll also learn how accurate Vermont’s data on HIV-infected people are, after an August report from the Centers for Disease Control revealed that cases of HIV and AIDS across the country were dramatically under-reported. Peter Jacobsen of Vermont CARES and Don Boniface, who’s been living with AIDS for more than 20 years, are our guests. (Listen)

Also in the program, it’s been a year since Governor Jim Douglas made recommendations to reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental reporter Candace Page looks at what became of Douglas’ eight key recommendations that came from the Commission on Climate Change. (Listen)

And we visit the Village Store in Tunbridge where food is served up by a five-star chef from the French Riviera. Judi and Jean Pierre Debeuf have the local
farmers asking for tips to croissant making. (Listen)

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