Families And Depression

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Depression in families

Psychiatric researchers estimate there are 35,000 cases of depression in
Vermont right now, and one study has been examining how to prevent the
children of depressed parents from suffering depression themselves. We
talk with Dr. Gary Keller about why children of depressed of parents are
two to three times more likely than other kids to grapple with
depression, and how an ongoing study may prevent it.


UVM security one year later

Also in the program, University of Vermont Police Chief Gary Margolis
talks with us nearly a year after the abduction and murder of student
Michelle Gardner-Quinn. We learn how campus security and student
sentiments toward personal safety have changed in the past year.


Audio postcards from Vermont towns

And we
continue our series of Audio postcards from Vermont towns. Today, we
hear from Rochester, a town that claims to be the geographic center of
the state.

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